lucians home

A few info's about this site:

  • is the successor of blog which was in need of a revision
  • was mainly developed to learn new things (jekyll, liquid, front-end programming)
  • it's divided in 3 parts:
    • programming: code I write in my free time
    • tutorials: solutions to problems I encounter
    • opinions: my thoughts about various topics (not only digital life)
  • doesn't track you
  • is ads free
  • it's simple as I would like it to be


A few rules I ask you to respect:

  • before ask a question, be sure to read carefully the post
  • do your research
  • don't ask for out-of-the-box code/scripts (you have like 20% chances to receive an answer)
  • be polite
  • emails sent with temporary accounts will be ignored


A few things about me:

  • I consider myself a near-middle programmer (even if I really don't care about titles)
  • what you can find under opinions category are strictly personal thoughts. If you agree or not, for me it's the same
  • I'm not the kind of person which respect other people ideas just because it's politically correct/society tell me to do so but because (maybe) are clever/interesting ideas. Otherwise I don't care
  • I am a person which "don't care" a lot because, for me, few things really matters